"Are UX and CRO the biggest opportunity in performance digital marketing?"

By Sergio Borzillo, Growth Director, EMEA

There is a great deal of debate as to how digital marketers can make best use of the tools at their disposal to optimise performance. From a purely statistical perspective, the more traffic we drive to a website, the more chance there is to boost sales. Some will argue that volume is not the only metric of success, and that traffic quality can significantly influence performance.

Therefore, an increased budget, invested to attract quality users, can appear to be the key to unlocking those extra sales.

However, in a world where the cost of media is continuously on the rise and consumers grow ever more impatient and less loyal, are increased budget and traffic the only means for advertisers to improve sales? Is there something else they should be looking into?

If we considered Sales Volume the only KPI, the answer would be yes. In fact, statistically, the more you invest, the more traffic and sales you generate. However, no business will set aside profitability as a KPI, so the scenario grows ever more complex. Advertising costs have shrunk profit margins to the point that it takes very little for a campaign to fall into the unprofitability trap.

There is a saturation point in Direct Response campaigns, beyond which conversions become less profitable with the more traffic generated. If only applying channel best practices alongside increasing budgets and traffic, a campaign is inherently limited.

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